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Length and status of the relationship do not matter. Couples counseling for dating couples can help you better understand the dynamics of your partnership. It can help you clarify what your needs, wants and deal breakers are, and learn how to express them effectively.

Couples Counseling – Our Approach

Couples counseling at CRIWB is a place where couples of all cultures, backgrounds, religions, and lifestyles can come and have a warm, spiritual place for relationship and sexuality matters. Our diverse teams of clinicians are well-versed and trained on cultural sensitivity and inclusion.

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When to Seek Couples Therapy

Starting counseling early on in your relationship is a supportive and life-changing step you can take for yourself and your partnership.

Most couples wait 6 and even 10 years—years of challenges, unmet needs and even unexpressed desires—to come to therapy. Without having the right tools or support, problems only become more challenging. Having the support of dating couples counseling can help you create the direction and intention of your relationship.

Today, many dating couples have been together for several years and experience many obstacles and conflicts. Issues surrounding marriage, children, family of origin and even religious issues many times can feel like roadblocks to a richer and more connected love. 

Counseling for dating couples can be the safe and contained space where you and your partner can explore what you want and your greater vision for yourself and your relationship. Couples counseling can also help you better understand the inner workings and desires of your partner.

Learn more about how therapy for dating couples can help your relationship thrive. Contact us today to book a session or get more information.

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