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Premarital counseling can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship as you step into the next chapter of your love story — giving you a better chance for a stable, satisfying, and healthy marriage.

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Premarital Counseling Helps Create a Roadmap for Your Relationship


Couples want to make sure their relationship is as strong as possible before beginning the new chapter of their lives together. They want to assure that unresolved discord, family of origin issues or religious or cultural issues are cleared up and healed.  Above all, couples want to open up and understand as many of their dynamics as possible in order to have a roadmap when things get tough.

man and woman during the psychological counseling indoors
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Some go into marriage thinking it will fix their personal issues and heal their internal struggles.


There are still some that believe that the troubles in romantic partnerships will solve themselves upon getting married. The truth is, marriage won’t make your problems go away and your issues will still be there now the added pressure of making the marriage work.

Marriage only magnifies the issues that are present prior to getting married. Whatever dynamics or conflicts—feeling lonely, not knowing how to ask for what you want, unfulfilled sex, communication issues, parenting differences, anger, poor finances, fighting—will be there after the wedding ceremony and more times, then not, only get worse. Couples therapy when dating can help you work through potential issues before marriage.

thoughtful businesswoman looking window closeup successful ceo consider issues
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Couples Therapy When Dating Helps You Prepare


Couples therapy when dating or preparing for marriage helps couples to prepare and have strong and healthy relationships, thereby giving them a greater chance of enjoying a stable, satisfying marriage where both can grow together.

When differences and expectations are discussed in a safe and contained space, the partnership can develop ways to understand and support each other based on openness and vulnerability.

Couples therapy when dating also assists couples to develop conflict-resolution skills. Partners are able to enhance their ability to communicate and establish realistic expectations rather than base on misunderstandings or poor communication. 

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Other Areas of Focus for Couples Therapy When Dating

  • Intimacy, affection and sex based on knowledge and actual desires
  • Finances and money management
  • Expectations, beliefs and values
  • Children and parenting
  • Dealing with anger and emotions
  • Roles in marriage that support you in modern-day life
  • Past issues with infidelity 
  • Cultural, religious and family dynamics
  • Unrealistic expectations vs realistic expectations from sex to chores within the marriage
  • Creating a shared vision based on each partner’s strengths 
true love youll know it when you feel it shot of a young couple being intimate in bed at home
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Our Approach for Premarital Counseling


At CRIWB, we focus on being a safe place to explore your spirituality, sexuality, and relationships. Our therapist are diverse in culture, religious beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles, making them well prepared for any issues you may face in your relationship. They are inclusive, culturally sensitive, understanding, and thoroughly trained to help you look within to grow and reach your goals.

Contact us today to learn how couples therapy when dating can improve your relationship.

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