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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary ways to heal, grow and expand.

During this time, being unsure of how the COVID-19 epidemic will continue to evolve, we are each being asked to take precautions to stay safe, healthy.  For many, this has triggered and brought to surface personal and relationship dynamics—fears, anxiety, depression, trauma response, unmet needs, voiceless desires—that now are requiring attention and special care.

Center for Relationship & Intimacy WellBeing is committed to helping you, our greater community.  We have heard you and, until social distancing and other state and federal regulations are lifted, we are offering tele-health services to meet your unique and pressing needs.

Reach out.  We can help.

At the Center for Relationship & Intimacy WellBeing, we believe that the quality of your relationships & intimacy with self and others determines the well-being & vitality of your life.
Looking to reconnect with self & another?
Connection to more pleasure & freedom
Women's Sexual Health
Do you & your partner need support?

There's something holding you back from the living the grounded and fully expressed life, love, and intimacy you're seeking.

Rather than setting time aside from the daily runaround and focusing on what really matters – like your own life satisfaction and connection – you somehow get caught up in a never-ending routine of too much to do in too little time and at the end of the day, you’re missing the chance to tune in with yourself and honestly reflect.

You don’t have to stay stuck.

You don’t have to give up.

Relationship, Marriage, Intimacy & Couples Therapy

Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley

Welcome to Center for Relationship & Intimacy WellBeing

Our mission is to help individuals create the relationships and intimacy they truly desire through the lens of positivity, acceptance and compassion.  Life obstacles, relationship issues, and sexual concerns are seen as invitations to greater awareness, growth and healing.

Our therapists collaborate with you to reconnect with yourself and others, to navigate current and past experiences that have been left unprocessed, and to find deeper self-understanding and compassion.

Through a holistic and integrative perspective, life, love, connection, and intimacy are given the attention they deserve in order to reach greater expansion, growth and healing.

Center for Relationship & Intimacy Wellbeing (CRIW) provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and relationships in all phases of life.

Our ultimate goal is to help others experience greater inner and outer love, freedom, presence & intimate connection with self and others.

CRIW is an LGBTQIA2SP+ affirming practice.


our approach

With a holistic approach, we can let go of the idea of being “fixed.”  Instead, we free ourselves to receive healing through acceptance, compassion and learning to love all our parts and experiences.


CRIW is a gathering of amazing people.


We are a group of relationship, intimacy and sexuality specialists in San Fernando Valley, California who have come together with the shared belief that individuals and partnerships deserve effective and nonjudgmental support and guidance in growing and opening to greater love and intimacy.



Get help & support from the comfort & safety of your home!

CRIW provides online therapy services straight to you while in the comfort (and safety) of your home or office.

Tele-therapy also gives access to people who may not find the services they need locally.

CRIW’s online services use a HIPAA-Compliant online platform to meet with clients virtually.



"What would happen if we asked different questions of our clients—that encouraged them to address how sex feels and what it means in their lives, not just the goals and activities we can count and measure?”
- Gina Ogden

Integrative & HOListic Sex therapy

WOmen's sexuality


Man leaning over balcony overlooking trees


Serving those that speak Spanish, English, Spanglish…. 
or anything in between.

groups & Events

Group therapy and workshops gives individuals the opportunity to relate with people experiencing similar problems, creating a feeling of universality and connection.  It also creates a sense of hope in individuals as they watch each other learn and grow.

Workshops also provide a rich immersion into a specific space that compliments other types of therapeutic work.

Group of women standing outside and smiling
Tidy desk with plant, mug and computer on it

clinical & professional training

center for relationship & intimacy WELLBEING

Partnerships and individuals of every kind are welcomed here—the silly in love, the deeply pained, the unfaithful, the hopeless, the lonely, the disconnected or the enraged. We will help you remember what you loved about yourself, your partner, and help you rediscover and uncover sides of each other to grow in your intimacy and love.

Pleasure is your birthright. Talking through the various elements of sexual experience in a therapeutic setting can help you identify obstacles (that might exist beyond the realm of sexual performance) and find solutions to sexual and relationship issues.

Truly the issue, conflict or obstacle that gets in the way may very well be the way to the relationship and intimacy you desire.

additional services

Two women holding hands in front of the sunset

Sacred Sexuality

The spiritual side of sex

Two women sitting at a table in a bright room and talking

Seeking Love
Opening to Intimacy

For those seeking partnership & love

Trauma & Sex

Healing the past, staying present to pleasure

Two people holding hands to represent couples therapy Los Angeles

Infidelity & Affair Recovery

Healing & restoring trust

Couple sitting together at restaurant where man is kissing the woman's hand

Dating Couples

Partners in the early stages of Love

Couple sitting and overlooking the city during sunset

Sex & Aging

Pleasure & desire have no expiration date

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