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being kind and understanding when confronted with personal failing.

Self-compassion means that you act the same way toward yourself when you are going through a tough time that you would act towards a dear friend: You notice the suffering, empathizing or “suffering with” yourself, and offering kindness and understanding.


a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth

It is about valuing yourself as a human being who is worthy of love and respect.


Radical Self-Love is a practice of being loving & compassionate with yourself no matter the circumstance or life event.  Failures are seen as opportunities for healing & growth.  There is no need to do more or be more.  

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A program for Women ready to learn & practice ways to radically self-love and self-care.


Self-care isn’t selfish. If anything, it’s essential to our ability to love others more fully.  It allows you to be better at all you do. Yet many believe that self-care is decadent or self-indulgent. 

More often than not, today’s women are stretched thin handling motherhood, partnerships, work, caring for others and so much more. Some even come to believe that not running herself ragged means that she is failing. After all, busyness and fulfilling obligations is worn as a badge of honor.  

Radical Self-love is a practice of fulfilling the yearning from your soul because it is about practicing deeply listening to what you truly desire, acceptance, and taking action towards what you want more of in your life.

Self-Love & Self-Compassion are essential to your well-being because integrating them into your life is key in anchoring your genuine power.  They are provided “for you, by you” by slowing down and re-learning your own true needs and taking steps to meet them. It involves actively setting intentions for yourself — being honest with yourself and others about your needs, desires, fears, and dreams.

The Radical Self-Love Program will teach you the importance of Self-Love & Self-Compassion, and how to achieve it.

This program is for you if…



You are tired of beating yourself up.

You are ready to love yourself more deeply.

You are wanting to experience more joy and calm in your life.

You desire to let things go & move on.

You are ready to experience radical self-love.

You are to practice self-compassion in your daily life.

You want to connect with other like-minded women.

Radical Self-Love Program | What to Expect
  • Shifting negative self-talk and difficult feelings to more self-love and compassion for yourself
  • Skills to help you cope with life challenges
  • Help permit yourself to feel it all
  • Create space for offering yourself kindness, love, and understanding at any moment
  • Greater sense of wisdom & insight
  • A more positive mood
  • Bringing a loving presence to your inner critic and bringing out your compassionate side
  • Learning to reframe failures as learning opportunities
  • Greater happiness & higher optimism
  • Increased curiosity, learning, and exploration
  • Higher self-esteem & sense of self-worth.

Radical Self Love 8-Week Program

Coming Summer 2024

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Vanesa Akbarpour

Group Facilitator

Together, we can practice and build the skills needed for developing a most loving relationship with all aspects of yourself, even those that seem to contradict each other and create a healthy, compassionate, vibrant, more harmonious relationship within yourself.  Learn more about Vanesa