Sex Therapy for Men


There are many sexual health concerns where sex therapy for men may be helpful.

Some are physical and require a medical doctor to assess hormones and other physiological conditions that may be causing a problem. Others are related to stress, anxiety, or life concerns that lead to problems in sexual functioning and interest. Sex therapy for men provides a safe space to find clear and workable solutions

Sex Therapy for Men – A Holistic Approach


For many, sex therapy is the space where men can redefine the role of sex in their lives. And, where they can learn how to create more genuine and meaningful ways to connect with themselves and others.

At CRIWB, we he have multicultural and inclusive therapists who are trained specifically for sex therapy for men. Our practice is a non-judgmental and open place for you to explore your spiritual and sexual self.

Man looking out at ocean during sunset. Representing sex therapy for men.

Sex Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction and Difficulties


There are three kinds of erection problems that my most males report—challenged with an erection before sex, difficulty maintaining an erection during sex, and an erection that is not strong. Sex therapy for erectile dysfunction can help reduce these issues.

Having problems getting or maintaining an erection can create a great deal of stress. If you’ve had erectile difficulties, the odds are that you started approaching each sexual interaction with a fear that you will have problems with your erection again. It often creates a horrible self-fulfilling cycle and the domino-effect of the partner experiencing a wide array of reactions including concerned, rejected, lonely, sexually frustrated, angry and avoidant themselves.

There are several causes to ED including medical, pharmacological, intra-personal (issues relating to your relationship with yourself) and interpersonal (relationship dynamics with others). At CRIWB, we take a holistic approach with ED—looking through an emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual lens. Our therapists have expertise in sex therapy for men to help with these issues.

Uncontrolled (Premature) Ejaculation

For some men the ability to control when they want to climax can cause dissatisfaction, anxiety and disappointment for themselves and their partners which only exacerbates the issue. 

Inhibited (Delayed) Ejaculation

The difficulty to climax with a partner can cause discord between partners. Most men don’t feel it’s an issue until they’re in a long-term committed relationship and their partners are feeling anxious, rejected, frustrated, or worried. 

Sex Therapy for Performance Anxiety and Anxiety During Sex


For single and newly single men the dating world poses challenges in what men feel is expected of them. Modern-day culture inadvertently pressures men to be ready willing and able to have sex whenever a partner expresses the interest and consent. This results in emotional and mental needs having no space to be nurtured or even recognized especially for those with little intimacy, sexual relationship experience or are recovering from heartbreak.

For men in committed relationships, the anxiety to fulfill what a partner is desiring and to assure partner is satisfied, can have a domino effect over time many times leading to sexual avoidance. Learning how to express one’s needs, fantasies and desires can be challenging in these situations.

And for men in heterosexual relationships, there still exists many myths and misinformation. A lot of women do not understand the pressure that many of their partners experience in the bedroom. Many men and women still expect to be the initiators and leaders in a sexual interaction, supposed to stay hard enough, last long enough, and perform well enough.

All of this pressure and expectation can leave you feeling distracted and disconnected during sex. Often being blamed that you’re not present during sex.

Sex Therapy for men can offer male performance anxiety solutions and help people overcome these concerns. It can help you explore and define who is your authentic sexual self (versus what media and porn teach), how to express it and how you desire to share with your partner.

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A couple holding hands to represent sex therapy for men

Loss of Sexual Desire – How Sex Therapy for Men Can Help


There are numerous factors that can cause a man’s sex drive and desire to decrease.  Did you know, for example, that the brain is designed not to feel attraction to family members? 

Most men associate their sex drive with their identity as a man.  So, when drive, attraction and desire begin to shift, many perceive it as a threat to masculinity.

What most don’t know is that men are complex sexual creatures and that it is quite normal for there to be ebbs and flows in their sexual desire. Sex therapy for men can help uncover and resolve these concerns.

Wanting to be a good partner


Some male clients seek sex therapy to learn how to be more connected and attuned lovers.  You may have a partner who has been sexually abused or is experiencing a major life shift. 

Sex Therapy for Men — Sexual Abuse or Trauma


Men who have experienced sexual assault not only similar effects of sexual assault as female survivors but may face other challenges that are more unique to their experience.  Some men who have survived sexual assault as adults feel shame or self-doubt, believing that they should have been “strong enough” to fight off the perpetrator. Some may even experience physiological responses to the abuse which may be confusing.

Sex Therapy for men is an integral part of healing for you (and your partner). Learn more about sex and trauma.

Sex Therapy for Men Facing Sexual Shame


Shame around sex can occur without any history of trauma or abuse.  Men sometimes report having an attraction to “darker” sexual themes or want to explore other areas of their sexual self.  Other issues may include low or no sexual desire, body consciousness and low experience.  Without knowing their unique sexual flavor and how to communicate to their partner, leads men to shut down, boredom or seeking outside their partnerships.

Sex Therapy for men is a safe place to explore and learn to communicate about your sexual self.

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Man standing in front of lake representing sex therapy for men

Out of Control Sexual Behavior


One can feel the compulsion to watch porn for so many hours that it interferes with their professional or personal functioning or can’t stop pursuing hookups for the sake of the thrill or high.

At CRIWB, we seek to assist our clients by going beyond the addiction model by creating a safe, non-shaming space to help our clients obtain a greater understanding of the root of their behavior while gaining control of their behavior. 

Learn more about out of control sexual behavior.

Other Commonly Helped Issues

Sex therapy does not involve physical touch, nudity or sexual behavior between client(s) and therapist. You may have home assignments that involve touch or nudity, but never in session (or out of session) between clinician and client.

Sex therapy does not involve shame or judgment.
Sex therapy is based on consent: there is no pressure for you to do anything you are not comfortable with.