Infidelity Counseling & Affair Recovery


Infidelity and other forms of deceit and betrayal often bring a huge amount of questioning to surface. “What did the affair mean?” “Will I ever trust again?” “Will we ever get over this?” or “Will I ever be trusted again?” are just a few of the thousands of questions unleashed when a breach of trust is revealed. Affair and infidelity counseling can help answer these questions.

Rather than getting lost in highly emotional and unproductive questions and answers, you can begin to focus on rebuilding and healing.

Whether you decide to stay together or complete your journey together, we are here to walk this difficult and challenging journey together—loops, stumbles and forward movement—we are here for you… no need to do it alone.

Each Partner Heals in Their Own Way.

Sometimes a relationship will suffer when partners have differing recovery styles.

Often, the betrayed partner, in attempting to understand, wants to repeatedly go over every detail of the affair, while the other avoids responding out of fear that they will never move on, never be forgiven or be punished endlessly for the indiscretion. 

Relationships that succeed after the discovery of an affair, take a more realistic approach. With infidelity counseling, each person is allowed to recover in their own way, on their own time frame. 

The discovery of an affair also invalidates feelings and beliefs about the partnership. There’s doubt from both parties about choosing to stay and work on the relationship.

Trust Within Affair and Infidelity Counseling


Trust Is the greatest issue and space of learning for all partners post-affair.

The hurt partner may believe that they will never trust again while the other is unsure of how to make things better and earn trust again. The betrayed partner relearns ways to trust themselves and their partner. The partner who betrayed learns about what got in the way of communicating their needs and what they learned about themselves during the affair.

Infidelity counseling allows space for both partners to have and share their own individual experience and, from there, begin to build new parameters for the relationship. Both partners learn to hold space for each other’s process, what led to the affair and what can be learned from it.

Guidance During the Recovery Process is Key.


Many times, couples decide to stay together after an affair or deceit and try to fix everything all at once and fail.

Whatever issues emerge after the deceit, it is normal for things to feel clouded and to have the need to question everything that once was thought and believed about the relationship and each other.

Working with an infidelity therapist will help you and your partner identify what each of you needs and desires after an infidelity while supporting and guiding you towards a mutually supportive resolution. 

Infidelity Counseling at CRIWB


Our infidelity counseling is a place to look within and discover yourself more deeply. We are a non-judgmental, inclusive practice that embraces all religions, cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. Our expert therapists are equipped to handle any situation and help you reach your spirituality, relationship, and sexuality goals.

Romantic partnerships are not easy, and we know that affairs happen for a multitude of reasons. Many cases of infidelity can be mended, repaired, and used as a growth opportunity for the couple. For some, even a pathway to a more intimate and loving relationship. 

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You don't have to do this alone.

At CRIWB, we are professionals that have helped others walk this journey.