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We are a group of relationship, intimacy and sexuality specialists who dedicated to providing innovative and effective therapeutic approaches throughout California. We have the shared belief that all individuals and partnerships deserve nonjudgmental support and guidance in growing and opening to greater love, intimacy, and pleasure.

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Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Therapy Approach

Why the color green…

The heart (or the fourth Chakra) is located at the center of the breastbone between the two breasts. This space deals with love and relationships and represents the energy center for an individual’s happiness and feelings of compassion for self and others.  The heart is also known as the balance point of the body and soul.   

The color green is associated with the heart which is associated with the skin, and the action of one’s hands.  The heart, in turn, is the organ associated with unconditional love and kindness.

In Sanskrit, the fourth Chakra or Heart Chakra is also known as the Anahata Chakra which means ‘unstruck, unhurt and unbeaten’.  Thusly, the Heart Chakra is associated with calm, serenity and ‘sounds without violence.’ The Heart Chakra governs our relationships and interactions with those around us. It supports us in determining our values, beliefs, and how well we accept ourselves and those around us.

A well-balanced and grounded heart space helps one show up more compassionately and loving towards others without expecting anything in return as well as creating stronger relationships and the freedom from depending on others for our own peace and happiness.

With these principals, CRIW uses a holistic approach to relationship, sex and intimacy therapy to achieve client’s goals.