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Enhance your intimate well-being through the discreet and supportive realm of Online Sex Therapy. Our certified professionals are here to guide you towards a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life. Begin your journey towards a healthier and happier you today

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Online sex therapy (also known as tele-therapy, as well as tele-health, telemedicine or tele-session) is healthcare or mental health services provided using a HIPAA-Compliant online platform to meet with clients virtually.

CRIWB provides online sex therapy and other relationship counseling services straight to you while in the comfort (and safety) of your home or office. Online sex therapy and relationship counseling services also gives access to people who may not find the services they need locally.

What Technology Do I Need?


In order to talk to a sex therapist online, you will need the following:

  •  Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Webcam or built-in camera on the device
  • A comfortable place where you can talk in private without interruptions


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Be Prepared

Double-check your internet connection. Make sure your device is charged or that your charger is near. Give yourself 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to review instructions on accessing the portal your therapist may have sent. Make sure links work prior to the start of the session.

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Minimize Distraction

A quiet environment is ideal. One that is free from distractions. Notify family members and roommates that you will be on a private call. Turn down music or television immediately around you. Headphones work best, but not required. Be creative: cars, pantries, laundry rooms, closets among others can help with privacy.

beautiful happy gay couple having fun and good time together with tablet at home
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Optimize Your Experience

Set up your computer on a flat surface in order to help reduce the shakiness of the video. Make sure your face is fully in the frame. A phone or a tablet may also be used. Use a blanket or cardboard boxes to help with sound proofing. Putting on music near the entrance may also help.


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Remain Calm

Tech issues are common especially when first adjusting to online platforms. Contact your therapist if issues don’t resolve or instructions are unclear.


attractive young couple lying on a bed
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Get Cozy

The biggest plus of tele-therapy is your ability to get cozy! Snuggle up with a blanket, get a warm cup of tea, tissues if needed, and your fur baby too. (If your pet is rambunctious, perhaps let them play in another room.)

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Connect as Normal

Look into your therapist’s eyes, rather than the camera or your own face. Treat it as a normal session. Breathe. Relax. You got this.

smart businessman and young businesswoman keep social distancing while using smartphone

Tools for Online Sex Therapy and Relationship Counseling Services

Google Hangout (Browser or App)

Private HIPAA-complaint online sex therapy and relationship counseling services sessions are provided in Google Hangouts Meet through G Suite. Google has developed G Suite to include privacy and security protections to keep data secure, and those protections are of a sufficiently high standard to meet the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. CRIWB is a HIPAA covered entity and has a signed business associate agreement (BAA) with Google.

Google Meet allows for interconnectivity between iOS and Android devices, making it accessible on every device. Users can set up a video meeting by simply adding a meeting to their Google Calendar and sharing the meeting link with others. Participants don’t need to have Google accounts to join; all they need is the Google Chrome browser, or if you prefer to do it on your phone or tablet, you can download the Hangouts Meet mobile app for free.

Once your appointment is set up, we will send you all the information you need to get set up. It’s easy. There will be some paperwork to fill out online and submit, so we know some basic information about you and you are aware of how both the benefits and risks of online sex therapy and relationship counseling before we meet. We’ll also send you a link to our virtual waiting room. It’s best to test it a few minutes before your appointment. You just click on the link, and you’ll be in the waiting room.

Some insurance will cover online therapy. Others do not. It is best that you check with your carrier.

For most people, it’s simply a preference of whether you want the ability to meet with your therapist in person, or whether you prefer the convenience of online therapy. There are some situations when we think our online counseling services aren’t the best option. We’ll talk through this with you. Then, if you are located near our physical offices, we are happy to meet with you in person. If you are located farther away, and after assessing we agree that it be best for you to do in-person therapy, we will help you find a therapist and services locally to meet your needs.

Do you have more questions about online sex therapy and relationship counseling, or interested in scheduling an appointment?  Please fill out the contact form below & and our Client Care Coordinator will assist you!

*Due to the current circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, all therapy services at CRIWB will be provided through tele-therapy beginning Monday, March 16th and will remain in compliance for the safety of of our clients and clinicians.