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Sacred sex and the practice of open-heartedness & embodiment of love.

In the West, we have a misconception of what Sacred Sex or Tantra means.  Tantra can, and many times does consist of sex, but that is a very small part of the practice.

Tantra is more about leading a devotional life and being openhearted to all of life experiences.

It is a practice of feeling everything without attaching stories or false beliefs to what is being experienced.  It is a practice of being fully present to what we choose to say “yes” or “no.”

In our busy modern-day life, it is quite easy to lead life quite mindlessly—even disconnecting and being mechanical during sex—doing things without a whole lot of reflection and presence is quite common.

Paying attention to what you’re experiencing in your body, the way you are breathing, learning what feels good and what does not are vital.  And in a sexual moment, extending this attention to how one’s partner is responding.

In the classical sexual ritual, the participants worship each other as embodiments of deities. Partners are encouraged to bring an attitude of reverence into their lovemaking and to all their interactions. Tantra then becomes a practice of giving and receiving through devotion, love, and open heartedness.


Love is the sign of Spirit
– Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi teacher


Sex is sacred because it supports our need for love, oneness, and healing. It helps satisfy our union with the Divine—validating our intuitive sense that sex can be worship and that worship can be erotic.

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Sacred Sex & Spirituality


While modern religions have defined sacred and spiritual as being separate from the body, from nature, and certainly from sex.  The word sacrum is the anatomical term for the triangular bone at the base of the spine, the very place which Tantra teaches is the seat of the sleeping kundalini or Shakti energy.  Tantric practice also teach that kundalini rises up the spine to awaken the spiritual centers in the brain.

Indigenous cultures have a different concept of sacred—one of relationship and reciprocity—with other humans, animals, the cosmos, and especially Earth herself—because we are all part of the Whole.  All of creation is inherently sacred because it is part of the interconnected web of ecology that sustains life. Sacred is a kind of awareness, not a function of ego, of the logical mind, but more of an intuitive awareness of connection with everything around us.

Sacred Sexuality implies an awareness and acknowledges that our life force and our sexual energy originate from the same source.  Sex is the inception of life after all.

Mutually satisfying sexual exchanges naturally intensify bonding, but sex can take place without bonding if we’re careful to keep our hearts closed. Sex opens the heart only if we bring the energy up.

Tantric practice of slowing down, awakening the senses, tuning in to subtle energies of self and of our partner and being fully present to the present moment are essentials for intimate relating. 

young couple meditating on green grass
smiling woman holding aromatic smolding stick while meditating in lotus pose at home

Sacred Sex Therapy – Our Approach

At CRIWB, we emphasize spirituality and how it closely relates to relationships and intimacy. Our therapists are inclusive of all religions, cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles. We are committed to being a warm place for clients to come explore their spirituality and sexuality in a way that will lead you closer to your goals.

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Slow down, awaken the senses, be present

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