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Couples & Relationship Counseling can help you and your partner explore and decide how to stay together, reconfigure the relationship, or even bring the relationship to a close in a compassion and loving manner.

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Couples & relationship counseling is a process that will help you explore and identify the changes all parties want to make even if you are unsure of what you want.

In collaboration, partners and their therapist explore, define and concretize the needs and desires of all partners and the relationship. You will learn how to recognize and articulate them on your own while holding space for your partner to do the same.


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How Couples & Relationship Counseling Can Help

You can learn new skills to create a relationship where everyone feels seen, heard, loved, and validated in addition to more effective ways to interact giving you opportunities to experience each other differently and, often, more vulnerably.

You’ll be able to learn and practice new and more effective communication in between sessions until they become your own.

This is not about recreating the early stages of your romance or better times on your journey as a couple. Instead, each of you will be part of building a whole new relationship.

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Relationship Counseling is also helpful for those in a current separation, in process of a divorce or seeking partnership.

The process of Relationship Counseling can help no matter what your relationship looks like, what life stage you are on or the status of your relationship.

Whether you’re dating, married, completing a partnership, in an open relationship or a closed one, working with a therapist can help you heal and move past areas of yourself, your partner and the relationship that have long felt overwhelming, hopeless and out of control.

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Relationship Counseling – Common Issues

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Couples & Relationship Counseling – Our Approach

CRIWB believes in a holistic approach to couples & relationship counseling, that is open and non-judgmental. Our multicultural therapists are well trained in couples & relationship counseling, and are inclusive, culturally sensitive and embrace all lifestyles without exception. We provide a safe, spiritual space to resolve any relationship and sexuality issues.
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Couples & Relationship Therapy Can Help You

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"Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time."
- Maya Angelou

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