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Sex Therapy for individuals can help you better understand the dynamics of your greatest relationship–the one you have with yourself. It can help you clarify what your relational needs and patterns are so that you can create greater happiness in your life and in your relationships with others whether single or in partnership.


At CRIWB, we help our clients receive care and support with the difficulties found at the intersections of mental health, relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

We focus on treating traumas of all types: neglect, physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual that may be experienced in childhood or early adulthood, or in previous relationships. We also help our clients navigate various life-long or current concerns that they believe are obstacles to achieving happier relationships and more joy-filled life.
Individual session

Our therapists specialize and receive continuously trained with the most current mental health and sex therapy interventions.

We provide support in a safe, non-judgemental space for those seeking help with intimacy, creating healthy boundaries, sexuality, relationship issues, concerns related to body image, mood disorders, opening up relationships, and gender exploration among other concerns.


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