Sex Therapy Workshops, Groups & Community Events


A note on upcoming events.


During this time, being unsure of how the COVID-19 epidemic will continue to evolve and, in an effort, to meet state and federal health regulations, sex therapy workshops will be held virtually. After registration, participants will be provided information and logistics for each event.

Groups for Women


Groups give individuals the opportunity to relate with people experiencing similar problems, creating a feeling of universality and connection.  It also creates a sense of hope in individuals as they watch each other learn and grow.



REDEFINING SELF- LOVE & SELF-COMPASSION A transformative weekly group for women.


We gather under the Moon

Weekly Womxn’s Circles.

Using the energy of the moon to heal, create, and connect.

Woman holding illuminated moon in hands to represent Women's Moon Circle.
Women's Sexual Health & Intimacy Group


A 10-week dive to more freedom and pleasure FOR WOMEN WHO ARE CHALLENGED BY SEX


This group focuses on helping women unravel sexual miseducation and learnings that impacted their relationship with sex, pleasure, and sexuality. 

Relationship and Sex Therapy Workshops


Relationship and Sex Therapy Workshops also provide a rich immersion into a specific space that compliments other types of therapeutic work. Workshops can also provide education on specific issues or developmental life events.

Our treatment model takes a holistic approach to healing and our workshops allow you to examine, understand and heal all the impacted areas of your life.

A woman holding a flower in front of her body to represent sex therapy workshops

Healing Through Pleasure


Gifts of Pleasure as a Catalyst for Personal Healing & Empowerment


Date: TBD

A woman sitting with her hands over her heart

The Open-Hearted No


Creating & Loving Self-Honoring Boundaries 


Date: TBD

A sign in a forest that says happily ever after

Heart Desires in Love


Opening to & finding love through a Spiritual lens


Date: TBD

A swinging chair in front of a wall with the words self love. To represent sex therapy workshops.

Devotional Self-Love


Self-Love as a practice—medicine to your heart from your soul


Date: TBD

Enliven Desire


Rekindling your relationship with curiosity, sensuality & eroticism.


Date: TBD


Community Events


CRIWB offers a series of monthly workshops offered to the community at large on a variety of  topics such as pleasure physiology, feminine sexuality, masculine sexuality, reclaiming sexuality after trauma, self-love, self-compassion, communication skills, sex and parenting, etc.

These are designed as part of our core treatment model. 


Beginning  VirtuallyMarch 2021

Last Wednesday of the Month


To learn more, or to attend an event or group, reach out!