Ethical Non-Monogamy 101 #2

Ethical Non-monogamy 101:
Foundations in opening up

Relationships with one partner are challenging on their own. Adding more partners into the mix can be overwhelming and confusing when you don’t know what the next step should be.

This workshop will discuss the most significant contention points couples experience when opening up a relationship and how to navigate them. 

It will also cover how to include all partners in the conversation; tools to manage feelings of fear, worry, and jealousy; and the enriching benefits of ENM relationships.

Recent nationally representative surveys state that 32 percent of American adults said their ideal relationship style is consensual non-monogamy.  Yet there are lots of misunderstandings and myths about what ethical non-monogamy is.  

Though Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) and Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM) lifestyles are gaining mainstream awareness, most people remain uninformed, including therapists and other helping professionals.

Our intention with this workshop is to support you not having to learn about ENM/CNM the hard way but rather choosing to open up from an informed place with enhanced confidence.

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Non-Monogamy can trigger unresolved attachment injuries. Partners who don’t feel secure within the relationship may fear being left, betrayed, or disrespected.

When a couple is looking to or is curious about opening up, it is common for one partner to be highly excited about non-monogamy while the other is scared. 

On the other hand, partners who don’t feel free within the relationship may feel that an anxious partner is hampering their ideal non-monogamy.

Unhealed wounds from the past can become amplified, projected onto our partner, and played out in painful ways.

This online workshop will cover

  • understanding the enriching benefits of ENM/CNM relationships
  • creating goals for your new dynamic
  • understanding the importance of communication and agreements to ensure everyone’s well-being
  • defining physical safety: safe sex practices, home space, physical boundaries
  • defining emotional boundaries: what will and won’t be allowed while connecting with others
  • create mutual time Investments: it’s vital to decide together how much time each of you will spend with others.
  • recognizing prioritizing your primary partner as needed: keeping the importance of your primary relationship in mind

You will also get the top on what not to do, which often gets relationships in trouble.

Saturday, March 4th, 2023

1 pm – 3 pm PT



After registration, participants will be provided with information and logistics for the event

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Tony Dane
Group Facilitator

Society teaches us that vulnerability and seeking our authentic self is worthy of shame, while we celebrate it from others. Together we will build resiliency against shame by practicing vulnerability in telling your stories and learning to honor the perfections of your imperfections. Learn more about Tony.

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