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Religion is one of the most common reasons individuals and couples seek out sex therapy.  All major religions have particular beliefs, practices, and customs surrounding pre-marital sexuality, marital sexuality, and extra-marital sexuality and perspectives on gender and sexual expression. These beliefs may also generate resistance to therapy or influence patients to drop out of treatment before it is complete. 

Faith is essential to many. And it can also be a  space of confusion interweaved with elements of shame and fear when it comes to sexuality. Seeking out sex therapy can help release misunderstandings or preconceived ideas around sex that interfere with a healthy sexual life.  Many clients come to CRIWB seeking a sense of freedom in their sexual expression. 

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Common issues around religion that bring clients to sex therapy can include: 

  • Getting comfortable talking about sex
  • Understanding personal problems around sex
  • Navigating the stigma around sexuality or gender identity
  • Exploring sexuality and faith
  • Religious shame and guilt around sex and sexuality
  • Destigmatizing sex or our sexual identity
  • Exploring new sexual interests, desires, and lifestyles
  • Healing shame or fear around sex
  • Gain an understanding of how sex and religion can co-exist
  • Finding a middle ground between religion, faith, and sexuality
  • Healing from abuse religious, sexual abuse
  • Reconcile conflicting religious and sexual beliefs in a partnership
  • Recovering from purity movement/beliefs

Because religious beliefs are among the many factors determining whether someone seeks out a sex therapist, all clinicians at CRWB are spiritual and culturally sensitive and have experience working with individuals and couples of various religions faiths.  We honor and respect your religious and cultural beliefs and integrate them into your growth and healing.  We believe that religion is a trustworthy source of strength for our religious clients.  

We will always discuss your religious beliefs with you. We will find a way to provide sex therapy interventions that are aligned and fit comfortably with your religious or faith tradition.

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