To-do lists, sitting at our desks or in traffic, social media, and work and life obligations have many women finding themselves more cut off from the body’s innate sensual pleasure.

Pleasure is a necessary and vital nourishment for women. Without it, women constrict. Life is then experienced as more heavy, empty, or overwhelming.

We experience more aliveness, fullness, and vibrancy when pleasure is present. We experience more connection with ourselves and, in turn, feel more connected to others. Pleasure, after all, is the practice of coming home to ourselves.

Embodiment is the conscious knowledge that you are in your body and the practice of staying centered while allowing emotions and thoughts to rise, be expressed, and be released.

The practice of Feminine Embodiment is practicing consciousness with the female body practicing movement as it moves through the world and expresses rising energy.

Embodying the Sacred Feminine is an invitation to allow a woman’s feminine qualities to lead a more nourishing and empowered life.

Feel supported and nourished as you experience greater mindful embodiment and a deeper connection with yourself.

Many women identify pleasure with only sex or sexuality due to misunderstandings taught by well-meaning parents, community, culture, and religious upbringing.

This workshop will focus on movement being healing and using it to nourish and more fully align your innate sensual body with your heart and mind. 

You will walk away with practical ways to support yourself to feel more alive and more sensual in your own skin.

Skills and techniques in this workshop are rooted in Embodiment practices, Psychology, and Feminine Movement Rituals.  No previous dancing/movement experience is required.

Through life experiences, both good and bad, most of us develop habitual emotional and physical coping patterns that knock us off center.  We don’t feel the discomfort and are not fully engaged with ourselves and our lives.

Some of the themes that will be addressed:

  • Understanding the subtle anatomy of the sensual body
  • Learning how to awaken your feminine sensual energy
  • Clearing blocks to the knowing of your authentic sensual power
  • Directing this energy through the subtle pathways of the body
  • Discovering your body as the body of Love that creates this world
  • Grounding the connection between sensual energy and your heart




Headshot of one of our sex and intimacy therapy clinicians smiling at the camera

Vanesa Akbarpour
Workshop Facilitator

Together, we can practice and build the skills needed for developing a most loving relationship with all aspects of ourselves, even those that seem to contradict each other and create a healthy, compassionate, vibrant, more harmonious relationship within ourselves.  Learn more about Vanesa