Relationship ruptures are rough.

Even if your partnership ends on good terms, healing from a breakup can be painful and challenging. 

ENM ruptures often result in grief not only for the partners breaking up, but also for everyone involved in their various relational dynamics. 

Whether solo or in other relational dynamics, whether you are the  one doing the break or on the receiving end, this workshop will help your process to deal with a loss in a relationship, 


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This worksop is open to anyone recovering from a  rupture in any type of ENM relationship:

  • Breaking up with a couple 
  • A shift in the dynamic of partners
  • Non-monogamy break ups
  • Role and structural changes
  • Friendship loss when coming out
  • Relationships that end with no closure

Whether you are the one that initiated the break up or at the receiving end of one, this workshop is for you.


Saturday, September 9th, 2023

1 pm – 3 pm PT



After registration, participants will be provided with information and logistics for the event

Limited Equity Scale Available



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Tony Dane
Workshop Facilitator

Society teaches us that vulnerability and seeking our authentic self is worthy of shame, while we celebrate it from others. Together we will build resiliency against shame by practicing vulnerability in telling your stories and learning to honor the perfections of your imperfections. Learn more about Tony.