A safe place to unravel old stories.

Aligning body, heart, mind and spirt to create more pleasure in your life. 

Almost all women seeking sex therapy have in common thinking that they are the only ones suffering from their particular issue.

Feeling as if you are the only person struggling with sex adds to your sense of embarrassment, hopelessness, or avoidance, making it even harder to reach out for help.

Purity Culture, Virginity Movement, religious teaching, past relationship hurts, and cultural teaching on women’s sexuality often leave women with mixed messages around her sexuality and her relationship with sex. 

 Women often share that the body puts on the breaks, and her mind begins to rise whenever she thinks of sex or attempts to engage sexually with a partner. 

Drinking a glass of wine, dilators, numbing cream, and even regular talk therapy does not work. And it is not your fault!

Women’s bodies are wise and sensual and it is about creating a healing connection with the sexual body that is required. 

This group focuses on helping women unravel sexual miseducation and learnings that impacted their relationship with sex, pleasure, and sexuality. 

When body, heart, mind and spirt are not aligned or contradicting each other, a woman’s body is quite wise. Although it may seem that it is working against you, it is actually keeping you safe informing you of your sexual needs and requirements are not being met.

Women are informed by the senses – what they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. This is why for women foreplay begins the moment she opens her eyes.
The more comfortable a woman is in her body, enjoys and takes pleasure from her body, moves freely in her body, the more enriched is her life and of those around her.
As she embodies herself and allows her sensuality to nourish her, she is able to nurture and care for others from a place of abundance.  What this means is that a woman’s relationship with her body and her body’s wisdom is where her erotic self is rooted. 

Women’s Pleasure Group is a safe, nonjudgemental space for women to explore and better understand her own unique sexual self, sexual expression, and sexual needs in order to create a healthy relationship with their own body, heart, mind, and desire.

  • What is feminine sexuality and redefine their own unique flavor
  • Ways pain or low-desire can cause or exacerbate conflicts and avoidance with partners
  • Explore and heal how underlying cultural, religious and community messages/beliefs impact their relationship with their body and sex. 
  • Create steps back to a sexually satisfying relationship with herself. 
  • Reintegrating her erotic energy into daily life.

New Group Launches January 2021


“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.”
― Anaïs Nin