5 Blogs for Exploring New Sexual Territory

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Trying something new in any part of our life can be scary. But when it comes to sex, it can feel even more intimidating when we want to open the door to a new possibility. Because we live in such a sex-negative culture, we’re not really taught how to comfortably talk about sex in any context. It can be hard to admit to ourselves what we like, it can be hard to open up to new partners, and it’s hard to break free of the stigma and shame that so often comes along with being a sexual person. 

However, you don’t have to break into new territory all on your own! Below are 5 of our blogs meant to gently guide you through exploring new territory, from trying out sex toys with yourself to taking the plunge and starting sex therapy.

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How to get started with sex toys (on your own)

Have you used sex toys? It can be intimidating to jump into the world of toy-assisted pleasure if you’ve never explored it before! What kinds of toys are there? What should you be looking for? How do you actually…use them? There are lots to consider when deciding to spend your hard-earned money on sex toys (and what should go on with them once you do have them). It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, there’s help out there. To start, check out our full blog, “How to get started with sex toys (on your own)”

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6 Tips for Introducing Sex Toys to a Partner

Alright, you’re a solo sex toy expert. But sex toys are fun with others too! Some people are worried about introducing the idea of sex toys to a partner because they don’t want to give the impression that anything in their sex life is lacking. But sex toys don’t have to be a sign of unsatisfactory sex! Instead, they can be a sign of major pleasure, intimate communication and strong connection between you and your partner when you decide to break them out. However, while we know that, we know it’s still hard to take the plunge! That’s why we put together our top 6 tips on how to introduce sex toys to partnered play. 

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Getting Started with Kink

Alright, first: what’s kink? Kink isn’t just one thing, it’s an umbrella term indicating a wide array of sexual practices that fall outside of the heterosexual, “vanilla” norm. It can be an exciting world of pleasure, heightened sensations, and intimate connections–but it’s not something to just jump into without thought or preparation! There are a lot of safety considerations to make that you might not have thought of before! That’s why we put together this guide for dipping your toe into the world of kink. 

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Ethical Non-Monogamy: Learning the Basics

Culturally, we receive one main message about what relationships look like—like two heterosexual people getting together, getting married and having sex (more for children than pleasure), and being exclusively together forever–and that’s pretty much the only structure that’s demonstrated to us in terms of committed relationships. But there are all sorts of relationship structures outside of monogamy! If you’re curious about ethical non-monogamy (what it is, how it functions, why people are drawn to it, etc.), check out this blog to get a feel for the basics. 

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8 Signs That It’s Time to Start Sex Therapy

Obstacles to a satisfying and pleasurable sex life can feel insurmountable. Cultural conditioning makes us think we must be naturally “good” in bed or that if there’s a sexual incompatibility or issue to navigate that something must be wrong with us. But it’s okay to come across an issue that needs to be addressed! We’re not taught much about sex or our own bodies, so of course, problems will arise. Sex therapy can be a healing space to open yourself up to these kinds of conversations and provide a space to shed your shame when it comes to sex. 

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Working with a sex therapist can give you space to heal, grow, and re-discover your sexual self.

 Sex Therapy at CRIWB is a warm, inviting, non-judgmental space. Our multicultural therapists are trained specifically in sex therapy and can assist you in creating the intimacy and relationship you’re longing for. Get in touch today to get started.