Sex in the time of Corona

Sex in the Time of Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic has seemed to skyrocket peoples anxiety. While is this an understandable reaction, amongst all this anxiety, one of the greatest stress relievers we have is…SEX! 
Sex reduces stress by increasing endorphins and other hormones that improve our mood. Sex also has the same health benefits as exercise, so not only are you reducing your stress, you’re helping build your immune system! Thus, keeping you happy and healthy. However, having sex during this time can seem scary or even impossible. Like, how am I supposed to have sex with someone who is at least 6 ft. away from me? 
Well, it’s time we got creative and remember that sex is supposed to fun. 
First, I want to remind you that masturbation is always a wonderful option. It does not matter where you are quarantined, we can all find a safe space to love ourselves. If you’re worried a partner, parent, or child may walk in, try getting yourself off in the shower.  You can also spice up your solo play with a sex toy.  Many online stores (e.g. are offering deals right now to help get us through these trying times.  Just make sure you wash your toys like you wash your hands, with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.  And, don’t forget the lube (What’s in Your Lube?)!
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For those of us lucky enough to be quarantined with our partner(s), you are safe to continue having sex however you please. That is, as long as you and your partner(s) are healthy and virus free. So maybe take this time to try a new position, or in a room you’ve never done it in before, or explore your wildest fantasies. 
Now, for those of you who are separated from your partner(s) or may need to have some distance for safety reasons, this does not mean you are doomed. Technology provides us with a variety of ways to get sexy from a distance. Some options include sending your partner nudes, sexting, or FaceTime sex. Surprise your partner(s) by sending nudes on different platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, or, my partner’s personal favorite, using the disappearing ink feature on iMessage.  Sexting can be great all on its own, or it can also be used as foreplay for FaceTime sex. 
Set up a time that works for you and your partner(s), light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and breathe. You can hold your phone and scan up and down your body, or you can set your phone up somewhere so you have both hands free to touch yourself, or explore a variation of both. 
If you want something a little old school, then try setting up erotic email accounts that only you and your partner(s) know about. You can send each other flirty emails or sexy pics throughout your working from home time, without worrying about their boss seeing. 
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No matter how you choose to intimately connect with yourself or your partner(s), remember to have fun, communicate, and always respect boundaries. Stay safe and healthy out there!  

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